Guidelines, Rules and Fee Structure for Membership

Joining the ISS

Membership of the Indian Sociological Society is open to anyone and everyone who has a general interest in the study of sociology. There are five different types of members of ISS and they may join it directly at any time in a year.

We have more than 6000 active Life Members apart from nearly 3000 ordinary members, student members and institutional members including more than 50 members from abroad.
The annual membership period runs from January to December each year. All subscriptions are payable strictly in advance and preferably in the month of January.


  • Benefits of Membership
  1. A Life Member is entitled to receive a free online copy of Sociological Bulletin.
  2. A Life Member is entitled to receive a free online copy of ISS e-Journal.
  3. A Life Member is entitled to receive a free online copy of ISS News Letter.
  4. All types of members are entitled to participate in different intellectual activities of the ISS including attending Annual Conference and RC sessions.
  5. A Life Member, who is on the register of the Society for not less than one year, may contest and vote in the election of Office Bearers of ISS.
  6. All types of member are entitled to participate in the discussion in the Annual General Body Meeting of the ISS and participate in any voting therein.
  7. All members may send his/her article for publication in Sociological Bulletin, Bharatiya Samajshastra Sameeksha or any other journal published by the ISS. The decision to publish an article lies with the concerned Managing Editor and the Editorial Board.
  8. All members below the age of 40 may send his/her article published in any journal for consideration of M. N. Srinivas Memorial Young Sociologist Award.
  9. ISS Managing Committee may recommend the name of any senior Life member for Life Time Achievement Award.


  • How to Join the ISS

Joining the ISS is quick and easy. Members are important to the ISS, which is why we will do our utmost to improve systems to help you join.


The annual membership period runs from January to December each year. All subscriptions are payable strictly in advance and preferably in the month of January.

There are two ways to become a member of the Society online (see list below for different rates of membership fee):

  1. Pay membership fee through net banking (Credit Card payment not accepted) to the Society’s bank account number (see below). 
  2. Alternatively pay membership fee through Bank Deposit Slip of any bank to the Society’s bank account number (see below). As banks take charges for transferring money, please add this amount to the membership charges and deposit the entire amount (For example, SBI charges Rs.57.50 as transaction charges. If you wish to become a Life Member and want to pay this amount in a bank, then you will have to deposit Rs. 5057.50 in the Society’s account).

What to do after Payment:

  1. Fill up the required form online,
  2. Upload scanned copy of Institutional Identity Card (in exceptional cases scanned copy of Voter Identity Card may be attached provided the explanations given are acceptable to the Managing Committee),
  3. Upload scanned copy of PP size photograph (30 KB size),
  4. Add transaction number in case of Net banking
  5. In case of Bank Deposit Slip, upload scanned copy of your Bank receipt.


  • Membership Rules, Categories and Fees: 
  1. A person holding a University Bachelor’s Degree in any of the social sciences may become a Life member/ Ordinary Member/Ordinary Student Member.
  2. Any institution doing research on sociology with similar aims and objects of the Society may seek institutional membership of the Indian Sociological Society.
  3. Any society or Regional Association related to the subject of Sociology may become an affiliated member of the Indian Sociological Society.
  4. A Life Member/Ordinary Member/Student Member of the society may become a member of only two Research Committees of ISS at a time by paying requisite fees. They need to fill up the appropriate form either online or offline and pay requisite fees listed below.
  5. Fees/subscription for different types of membership are as follows:

          i) Life Member (Indian): Rs. 5,000

          ii) Life Member (Foreign): US$ 500 or equivalent in Indian Rupees

          iii) Ordinary Member (Indian): Rs. 600 (for one year only)

          iv) Ordinary Member (Foreign): US$ 50 (for one year only)

          v) Ordinary Student Member (Indian): Rs.300 (for one year only)

          vi) Ordinary Student Member (Foreign): US $ 30 (for one year only)

          vii) Institutional Member: Rs.20,000 (one time)

          viii) Regional Association: Rs.600 (for one year only). 

      6. Fee for Research Committee (RC) Membership

         i) Rs. 1000 for five years

      7. Fee for Adhoc-Group Membership: Rs. 250 annually.

      8.  All types of membership are subject to approval by two-thirds of the members of the Managing Committee.


  • Payment Methods
  1. All fees are to be paid along with bank transaction charge including service charge, if any, to ISS bank account stated below either through Internet banking or bank transactions;
  2. The details all payment made should be mentioned in the appropriate place of the membership form.
  3. Details of ISS bank Account:

          Name of the Account: Indian Sociological Society
          Savings Bank Account Number: 4114000100575176
          Name of Bank: Punjab National Bank,
          Branch: Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070,
          IFSC no:  PUNB0411400

  • Testimonials
  1. A person applying for Life Membership should submit a scanned copy of their Institutional Identity Card.
  2. In exceptional case, Voter Identity Card may be accepted as a proof. But there should be reasonable explanation for failure to submit any institutional id.
  3. Ordinary Student Member should submit a scanned copy their current University Identity Card.
  4. All members have to upload/fix a pp size photograph (JPGE image 150/200).
  5. For Research Committee or Ad-hoc Group membership, no document is required except the payment proof.
  • Membership Statistics
  1. The total number of Life members of ISS from India as on May 31st 2016 is 4260.
  2. The total number of Life members of ISS from abroad as on May 31st 2016 is 64.
  3. We have 11 Institutional Members and 1 Affiliation member.
  • How to fill up the Form:
  1. Click to open the Membership Form available at the website
  2. Fill up all blank boxes giving your personal and professional information including payment details
  3. Pay fees through net banking/bank challan
  4. Upload the following documents: i) Your pp size photograph (JPGE image 150/200), ii) Your scanned signature, iii) bank payment receipt, and iv) testimonials as applicable.
  5. Your task is over. Society will then issue you a membership number subject to approval by the Managing Committee.