Lifetime Achievement Awards


Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest and most coveted award given by the Indian Sociological Society. The Society instituted the award with the following objectives:
a) To honour outstanding Indian Sociologists who have made profound and exceptional contributions in the field of sociology and thereby enriched the discipline of sociology and enhanced the capability and respectability of its professionals, and 

b) To inspire and encourage other members of the profession to emulate these awardees and consider them as role models and to work for their own and the profession’s betterment and exaltation through creditable work and significant contribution.

So far the Life-Time Achievement Award has been given to:


1) Prof. M.S.Gore 2) Prof. Ramkrishna Mukherji3) Prof. Y.B. Damle
4) Prof. Victor D’Souza 5) Prof. Yogedra Singh 6) Prof. Leela Dube    
7) Prof. Brij Raj Chauhan 8) Prof. P. C. Joshi9) Prof. T. N. Madan
10) Prof. Andre Beteille11) Prof. A. M. Shah12) Prof. Bela Duttagupta
13) Prof. Suma Chitnis14) Prof. D. N. Dhanagare15) Prof. T. K. Oommen  
16) Prof. S. K. Srivastava17) Prof. P. K. B. Nayar 18) Prof. J. P. S. Uberoi
19) Prof. C. Lakshmanna20) Prof. U. B. Bhoite21) Prof. K. L. Sharma
22) Prof. Parha Nath Mukherji23) Prof. Ravindra K. Jain24) Prof. Satyendra Tripathi
25) Prof. Prakash N. Pimpley26) Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad27) Prof. Ramesh C. Tiwari
28) Prof. Y. C. Simhadri29) Prof. Ishwar Prasad Modi30) Prof. Harish Doshi
31) Prof. Patricia Uberoi32) Prof. Yogesh Atal33) Prof. Ratna Naidu
34) Prof. Nandu Ram35)Prof. M. N. Karna36) Prof. Gail Omvedt
37) Prof.M.N Panini38) Prof.B.K. Nagla39) Prof. Anand Kumar
40) Prof. Bidyut Jyoti41) Prof. Shyam Lal42) Prof. N. Jayaram
43) Prof. R. Indira44) Prof. I. S. Chauhan 


Procedures regarding confirmation of Life Time Achievement Awards

  • The number of scholars to felicitate at a time may not exceed three a year. It is also possible for the Society not to give an award for a particular year.

  • Only Life Members of ISS who have a standing of 10 years will be eligible for the award.
  • The Committee to be constituted by the President for selecting the awardees will include:

1) President of Society

2) Secretary of Society

  • Two eminent scholars who are not members of Managing Committee of Society
  • The award may include a citation and a memento and will be presented in the inaugural function of annual conference of Society.
  • Nominations for the award along with copies of bio-data of the nominees may be invited from sociologists. A sitting member of the Managing Committee and a RC convener cannot be nominated for this award.
  • The scholar has to be nominated by at least three sitting managing committee members.
  • Since it is a lifetime achievement award, hence it is linked with age, i.e. the scholar must have attained 70 years of age.
  • A scholar to be selected for this award should be an eminent senior scholar with undisputable reputation and who has contributed significantly to the discipline of Sociology and the profession in India. The nominated person must have contributed to the sociological body of literature significantly apart from conducting research and there must be sufficient proof of such contribution. The scholar must have at least ten publications from reputed journals like Contributions to Indian Sociology, Sociological Bulletin, Economic and Political Weekly, The Eastern Anthropologist and books from reputed publishers like Oxford University Press, Sage Publications, Orient Longman/Blackswan, Permanent Black, Cambridge University Press, Manohar, Rawat Publications, etc. 
  • The decision of the committee should be approved by the managing committee.